Operations & Development

At a time when many retailers are closing stores and cutting back on investment, Hazelwoods expanding our partnership in the hospitality industry. All of our stores are leased from our hotel partners, and Hazelwoods Gift Stores is financially responsible for the fixtures and equipment. The inventory is also paid for and owned by Hazelwoods Gift Stores. The design of each store is a living mirror of the hotel and region where they are located. All store designs are submitted to hotel management for approval.

Hazelwoods would be delighted to take over existing stores that are currently run by the hotel. We will purchase the existing inventory, interview employees for future employment and perform a full remodel when necessary. We have turned away many tired, unprofitable hotel-run gift shops into exciting, new profit centers for hotels and their guests.

Buying & Merchandising

Our team of buyers and merchandisers are experts at all phases of gift shop buying. They ensure Hazelwoods carries the right merchandise for each location by tailoring the souvenirs, fine gifts and jewelry to both the region and your hotel’s guest. Our team travels extensively across the United States to merchandising shows to source interesting new offers as well as to visit our stores. Hazelwoods is a leading retailer of fine southwest and modern jewelry. Our reputation is based on long-standing relationships with artists and producers of this fine American art form.


Hazelwoods maintains a home office in Phoenix, Arizona. All buying and field operations functions are directed centrally in our home office. However, be assured we are always on call for assistance. We can be reached by phone, email, and through our web site. Each store has a trained store manager who receives buying, operations and technical support from the Central Office. Our store associates are trained to high hospitality service standards, as well as sales and store operations. Many of our associates also attend new hire training from the respective hotels.