Our History

Hazelwoods Enterprises, Inc. is a Phoenix, Arizona based company focused on providing premium value gift shops to hotels and resorts. Since 1976, when Rich Hazelwood, CEO, opened his first hotel gift shop, Hazelwoods has delivered professional, retail services to the hospitality industry while emphasizing friendly customer service to guests.

Having opened over 100 gift shops nationally, Hazelwoods understands that each property and location is unique and we work closely with owners and managers to tailor store design, product lines and customer services to create an atmosphere consistent with the local market, the operator’s brand standards and the individual property. With over thirty years of successful hotel gift shop operations servicing almost every major hotel corporation, Hazelwoods has developed strategic formulas for store designs, product implementation and customer service that translates into both a quality guest experience and positive impact on the bottom line for our hospitality partners.

Meet Our Founder

Richard (“Rich”) Hazelwood founded Hazelwoods Enterprises in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to launching Hazelwoods Gift Shops and other successful business ventures, Rich earned more than a decade of leadership and sales experience between his honorable service in the United States Army, employment with a globally recognized consumer retail chain and management of hotel gift stores.

Among Rich’s greatest strengths are his drive, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and love for the state of Arizona. Having earned prestigious recognitions, including the Arizona Retail Entrepreneur of the Year and Phoenix Rising Star awards, Rich channels his talents through the successful management of retail shops within the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, which serve countless consumers every year.

In addition to helping Hazelwood Enterprises’ clients and employees achieve success, Rich is also known as a major altruist for the Phoenix-area community, which includes tenures as Chairman of the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau and Chairman of the Boys Ranch. One of Rich’s more recent major successes includes the purchase, restoration and preservation of the historic Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, which is home to numerous entertainers and legendary performers who continue to provide Arizona residents and guests with unforgettable experiences.