About Hazelwoods

Hazelwoods has been in the gift shop business since 1976 when Rich Hazelwood opened his first shop in Phoenix, AZ. During this expansive and successful time, we launched more than 100 stores and operated them across the country. In the spring of 2000, 70 of the 75 properties were sold to WH Smith. We continued to operate a small number of shops while expanding into other businesses. In the second quarter of 2004, when our non-compete clause expired, we once again started doing what Rich loves to do: fluidly operate hotel and resort gift shops.

As many hotels have discovered, operating a gift shop in-house can be an overwhelming undertaking. There are so many expectations and requirements such as, expenses, expertly-trained retail staffs, store fixtures, and inventory challenges. Those that are not so evident are human resources, employee training, employee development, banking and accounting details, credit card fees, depreciation, insurance, point-of-sale software & equipment and theft, to name only a few.

Our track record shows we will run sales increases between 59% and 125% above self-operated or “Mom & Pop” stores who have very limited buying power or the ability to move slower-selling merchandise to a different location. That translates into a positive impact on your bottom line. Our flexible contracts include regular base rent and percentage payments so that Hazelwoods and our client share in the upside sales potential of the store, without hidden costs and challenges.

Our Team & Pledge

Hazelwoods is committed to providing a first-in-class amenity for guests and staff. When we take over an operation, we can complete a very fluid conversion of a store, including brand new fixtures when necessary, in just four days. Once the store is remodeled and merchandised, Hazelwoods is entirely responsible for all aspects of its operation. This includes staffing, merchandise buying, accounting, shipping, receiving and most of all, selling. We’ll be responsible for its upkeep and maintenance and most importantly you will avoid the need to constantly recapitalize while providing a seamless operation for your guests. We are part of your hotel’s goal of providing a positive experience to all that stay there.

Our seasoned and tenured buyers travel to many gift and merchandise shows across the country many times during the year. We use a great cloud-based computerized point-of-sale system, developed in-house, that keeps a perpetual inventory and tracks every item sold. Information is available to us Real-Time and is downloaded each night to our Phoenix headquarters where it is constantly analyzed and scrutinized very carefully by our merchandizing department. Every effort is made to ensure that the right mix of product is available in each store, and if it is not, we can effortlessly move it to another store and replace the item with a better seller.

If you are looking to outsource your current gift shop for a professionally designed, constructed and operated store, please give our team a call. We are very confident that you will be pleased with your decision.

Our Mission

To become the retailer of choice for the Hospitality Industry by providing the traveling public with the things they need plus interesting local merchandise in a friendly atmosphere at a fair price.