Hazelwoods Enterprises, Inc. is a Phoenix, Arizona based company focused on providing premium value gift shops to hotels and resorts across the United States. Since 1976, when Rich Hazelwood, who is still our company’s dynamic and driven CEO, opened his first hotel gift shop, Hazelwoods has delivered professional and unmatched retail services to the hospitality industry, while emphasizing superior and friendly customer service to our guests.

Having opened over 100 gift shops nationally, Hazelwoods understands that each property and location is unique. A hallmark of who we are and where we want to be is done by instinctively  and continuously working closely with hospitality owners and managers by meticulously tailoring store design, unique and distinctive product lines and customer service to create an atmosphere consistent with the local market, the operators’ brand standards and the individual property. With over thirty years of successful hotel gift shop operations servicing almost every major hotel corporation, Hazelwoods has developed strategic formulas for store designs, product implementation and customer service that translates into both a quality guest experience and positive impact on the bottom line for our hospitality partners.

A Brief Overview

Hazelwoods delivers the best of both local products and national brands. Our local market experience and regular improvements provides the foundation for our consistent success and satisfied customers. Check out what’s happening at Hazelwoods.

  • Norfolk, VA
  • La Jolla, CA
  • Scottsdale, AZ

Our Expertise

For over 35 years, Hazelwoods has been pleasing both our hospitality partners and our guests. This is because we are focused on hospitality retail and are very committed to serving each guest with the warm, caring, personalized service they deserve and expect. Each store is custom designed to capture the unique ambiance of the hotel it serves. Store planning focuses on delivering the services that guests need as well as the merchandise and unique souvenirs and exquisite gifts that our guests desire.